Ogallala the Zuote

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1 Nov 2019
16 Jul 2020
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Bought from @crimson on July 7, 2020 for 1000k cc
Definitely a wish list creature! So Tribal and that rocks!

Her name is Ogallala (Nebraska) because it's a close version of Oglala (Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe).
And, I love that movie, Lonesome Dove. Gus's love interest in the movie is from Ogallala and I lived close to there for thirteen years. I am so appreciative! Thank you, @crimson for the trade.

About Zuote Eggs

Many say that the Zuote egg represents the numerous ancient tribes of Ark.

About the Zuote Creature

Zuote are one of the few species that are said to inhabit the island before it became civilized. They travel in packs that consist up to 86 individuals and are often referred to as "clans" or "tribes". Their packs are incredibly well organized; they have a single lead Alpha who leads the pack. The Alpha of the Zuote pack can only be swayed by the oldest Zuote in the pack. Elders in the packs are highly respected. Below the Alpha is the beta, who leads hunting. Other Zuote are either hunters or omegas who carry out tasks such as cleaning dens.

Zuote packs are very tight-knit communities, and they care and look out for others in their pack.