Waxxy the Candelle

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20 Feb 2020
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About Candelle Eggs

Whatever you do... do not set your Candelle egg next to a fire or open flame! Why, you ask? Because it's entirely made out of wax... and will melt!

About the Candelle Creature

Candelles are a majestic elephant creature made entirely of wax. As a result of the composition of their body, they cannot be exposed to higher temperatures otherwise they will melt. Because of their inherent fragility and efforts to curb animal cruelty and neglect, Candelles are kept in a climate-controlled environment at the Ark City Zoo. Similarly, legislation at the Town Hall prohibits private citizens from owning a Candelle.

Their lifespans are abnormally short but their gestation periods are also short. As such, the population of Candelles is considered to be stable.

Candelles are meek and mild creatures. They are not aggressive and do not mind when humans pet and touch them (but not for too long so you don't impart too much heat!). Many report that the feeling of petting a Candelle is exactly like touching a candlestick...