Pukker the Pu

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Essence of Litsdnats
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About Pu Eggs

In the dark freezing waters of the South, Pu eggs can be found, buried between rocks and shimmering in the waters.

About the Pu Creature

Pu only come out from hibernation during Christmas. The Pu is a one of the many hunters of Krah. Thus, during the summer seasons, a newly hatched Pu uses their main way of protection, camouflaging themselves between rocks. As Pu grow older they tend to swim in the deeper areas, where light barely reaches. There, they stay hidden.

However, during the seasons of gifting, the light from the Advent Tree will reach the darker parts of where they live. When the light does reach these Pu, their fins begin to shimmer with bright colors. Pu will then leave the water and fly across the night sky on Christmas night, and fill the night sky with what Arkians know as the Pu Aurora Light.