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18 Jan 2020
8 Apr 2021
16 Jun 2023
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About Ruum Eggs

Imprinted on the surface of Ruum eggs are different galaxies and solar systems that are light years away from Ark. Astronomers and astrophysicists at the Science and Research Center in Ark City have actually used collections of Ruum eggs to build new star maps of the universe. The star maps on Ruum eggs, from one to the other, actually fit together like pieces of a puzzle. They interlock and overlap.

About the Ruum Creature

Ruums are jokingly referred to as "space goo kitties" because of their ability to move and collapse like liquid. Ruums love fitting into containers of all shapes and sizes: vases, pots, glasses, mugs, and most of all... cardboard boxes. Why spend a ton at the Toy Shop when a box will do?