Valkyon the Venafera

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7 Nov 2017
23 Dec 2020
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About Venafera Eggs

Venafera eggs are referred to as the "Red Orbs of Autumn." The surface of the egg has a shiny finish to it; when laid among red-leaved trees during autumn, its surface reflects a magical array of refracted orange and yellow light.

About the Venafera Creature

Venaferas are very close relatives of the Asteran, although they are somewhat different in color.

Venaferas, different than their other raccoon-like friends, do not dwell in Ark City or live off the garbage. Rather, Venaferas are tree dwellers in the forest. Much like squirrels, they gather supplies and food for the winters and then store them in nests high above the ground. Venaferas are careful not to roam the forest in the summertime, as they are very visible due to the contrast of colors. But when autumn descends upon the forests of Ark, they provide a perfect camouflage for Venaferas to run about safe from predators.