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30 Mar 2020
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About Bushy Eggs

Careful! This actually isn't a bush... so do not trim it! There's a real creature growing inside!

About the Bushy Creature

Bushys grow in the green Grasslands of Ark. They're called the "Bushy" because they are often mistaken for an actual bush or hedge. But as you can see, there is a tiny, shy creature that lives inside of the cloverleaf body.

Bushys are very unsure of themselves and do not trust many other types of creatures, including Arkians themselves. The only other creatures they come close to trusting are other Bushys. Many scientists think that it is because they feel uniquely understood by their own kind in ways that no other creatures can.

Once a year during the springtime, Bushys grow a special clover on their body called the Golden Clover. For whatever reason, these Golden Clovers sparkle and shine even in the darkness. Many think that harvesting at least one a year from Bushys in the Grasslands will bring good fortune for a short while.

Harvesting Golden Clovers from Bushys does not appear to cause them pain or any difficulties.