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About Felichine Eggs

Felichine eggs are commonly seen around shops during Easter in Ark City. Their vibrant colors and stunning designs are enough to make anyone impressed.

About the Felichine Creature

Felichines are thought to be like a genie in a bottle. When you open the Felichine's box for the first time, people say that you will be granted 3 wishes. But there's a catch... legends say only 1 of the 3 wishes will come true and that you cannot wish for the same thing (or a similar thing) more than once. People refer to this as "Felichine luck" or quite simply having lesser-than-ideal luck.

Felichines, because of their exotic color patterns, are often associated with high fashion and featured next to runway models and wealthy people. In spite of this association, thankfully, they are a protected species by the Town Hall in Ark City. Felichine fur is illegal—to have, to own, to wear, or to produce. But they can strut their stuff down the runway in the meantime.