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26 May 2020
20 Jul 2020
21 Jul 2020
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important notes for people who don't want to sell their soul to this game:

1. **RARITY 100 (previously had written retired by accident. although a majority of the common retired toys are r100, if it is not r100 the toy will break, retired or otherwise... ^^'')toy items don't break. this is an easy way to raise the happiness of creatures beyond the daily feed limit.
2. creatures 'immortalize' at level 20. at that stage you don't have to do anything for them. ... anything.
3. july 20th is the birthday; its an immediate free 500 cc for all players who log in and collect it, enough for a leaf of vaka, which essentially makes all of your creatures immortal so long as they're in your cove. try to make time. it should be available for the entire day.
4. people usually use user shops just to complete quests. even if you sell for less than the initial price, since there is no way to check the original sales price without owning the item, for all they know it could be a scam. along with items being near useless and hard to browse, leisure shopping for random items is rare. if you want to make a profit from your items, DO NOT buy from the bean sack. trinket travels is also risky, but can be profitable. though it depends greatly on visual appeal/the rarity of the creature the trinket is for. travels for common creatures should be more likely to sell.
5. the trivia is a somewhat reliable source of ec; HOWEVER, the luck factor (because nearly everything comes with luck here...) comes in on whether or not they decide to ask something ridiculous that isn't even worth the 10k ec to research. use the archives to answer.
6. if your creature loses too much happiness, it will be very unlikely you can raise it back to a good percentage without a second person helping you.
7. you can put a creature into tim's shop and immediately cancel to receive a small refund and boost your creature back to 100% happiness. if you have immortals, always be sure to remove them from the selection. they don't need to be fed and will just be an ec drain.
8. click exchange is a sham. do NOT use click exchange as a serious 'exchange'. instead, i advise to find active people with similar cove sizes and exchange feeds. you can find these players by browsing click exchange or forums. if you're willing to use external sites, i've heard yarolds is a popular one.
9. the time it takes for an unfed creature to prepare for death is ~a week.
10. ALWAYS PLAY FAVORITES. no matter what this game might want you to think, if you're tight on time, chances are there will be points where you will have to put the ec towards putting a creature into tim's for extended periods and risk the others. it will NOT spare your creatures, regardless of your current situation. you WILL lose creatures.

if you're desperate enough to purposely seek out or read this... well, enjoy. there isn't much to help you. the game is a relatively straightforward one; either spend a ridiculous amount of time and resources hoping to get somewhere, or, should you be fortunate enough to get a leaf of vaka, doing absolutely nothing and getting a ridiculous amount of resources.

About Floicol Eggs

This egg seems to have a flower growing from it... and it smells like honey and lavender!

About the Floicol Creature

Floicol are a special type of small bird that is only seen in Ark during the winter months (Ark is hot year round). It is suspected that Floicol travel north during the summer months to cooler lands but based on the research from the Science and Research Center, no landmasses exist outside of the island of Ark (it is mere sea everywhere). Fairytales suggest that Floicol magically disappear when they are far out in the ocean during their travel north and transport themselves to some unknown landmass. It seems that every year Floicol make their travel north, they always return the following year with an increased population. This has puzzled the Science and Research Center.