Ismo the Izalav

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3 Jun 2020
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About Izalav Eggs

This egg can only be found for sale on the black market; it does not appear in the Cave. Its texture is dry, hairy, and sandy. It rumbles frequently when someone or something gets close to it.

About the Izalav Creature

Izalavs are the alpha predators of the Northern Plains. They are a relatively new breed, the product of Alkub and Chimera, and have greatly disrupted the ecosystem of the Northern Plains as a result. Since their introduction, the population of Ambroks, Pthali, and Zebbits have dropped to dangerously low levels. The Town Hall in Ark City is considering labeling them endangered species and protecting them in rehabilitation centers.

Izalavs are so vicious because of their extremely high metabolism; they have to constantly feed in order to sustain themselves. If they go without food or water for some 16 hours, their bodies begin to die and shut down. To hunt, they often bury a part of their bodies in sand for camouflage and then attack their prey when they are least expecting it.

It is not permitted to keep Izalavs as pets within the city limits of Ark City. They are allowed on ranches and open lands outside of the city, however.