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13 Jun 2020
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About Whalerarium Eggs

This egg is cradled by cresting, frozen water. A cold wind must've been involved in its freezing.

About the Whalerarium Creature

With some of the largest appendages in the world, Whalerariums are the largest terrarium-like creatures on Ark. It is estimated that the inside of a Whalerarium can be home to up to 10,000 different creatures. The Whalerarium has no digestive process, so these creatures aren't eventually absorbed into the Whalerarium. They continue to live abundantly. Rather, the Whalerarium generates its energy through massive amounts of photosynthesis that occurs invisibly in its glass.

The Science and Research Center in Ark City estimates that there are only 100 Whalerariums left in the wild. All attempts to raise them in a nursury—for the purposes of conservation—have been unsuccessful. Scientists have not been able to hatch a Whalerarium egg and crack the code of how to get the egg to hatch.