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7 Jul 2020
8 Dec 2022
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About Jelbrella Eggs

Funny! This egg looks as if it could be extended upward and outward to create an umbrella. The egg is small, though, so it probably wouldn't be a decent enough size.

About the Jelbrella Creature

With tentacles that can grow over 15 meters long, Jelbrellas are among the largest jellyfish creatures in all of Ark. Their tentacles are very poisonous and cause long-term paralysis to nearly all types of living creatures except for Arkians themselves (that's nice of them!). So, Arkians don't have to worry about Jelbrellas when they're swimming offshore.

Because of the massive size that Jelbrellas grow to, Arkians often use Jelbrellas as beach umbrellas. Sadly, Jelbrellas are mostly transparent so they do not do a good job of blocking harmful rays. People still seem to do this anyway.