Wish1Gecko the Geockard

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13 Aug 2020

About Geockard Eggs

A trait that can sometimes be found in other creatures on the island, Geockard eggs are subjected to what is known as temperature-dependent sex determination. Eggs that are incubated at 90° F (32° C) almost always hatch as a male. Temperatures that are several degrees higher than this will produce a female.

About the Geockard Creature

Geockards are known to lounge around in rather unusual positions and places, accidentally causing concern for onlookers unfamiliar with this behavior. Although also insectivores, they prefer to acquire much of their energy from the photosynthesizing of their flowering plant just for the sake of remaining immobile.

To be compared to a lounging Geockard is to say that you have a very easygoing and carefree personality.