Microscopes the Punbundu

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27 Sep 2020
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~ Stolen on 09/27/2020 @ 10:27 PM EST ~
Shocked, this is my 4th Oasis Creature. Welcome to the family!
~ 09/27/2020 ~
Just completed General Biology I, Quiz 4 - Covering Chapter 4, Lab 4 and Lab 5. Read all the content in 2 days and got 100% on first atempt (out of 2). If only I was this successful in my other quizzes. Chapter 4 was on cells and microscopes. I've loved microscopes since I was young. I prefer microscopes over dissections any day. (I was able find mulch in a worm stomach as well as its brain!)
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About Punbundu Eggs

This creature is endangered.

The markings found on Punbundu eggs have become a symbol for peace and friendship in Ark. Whenever there are corporate or personal disputes that go to court in Ark City, the document serving as the ending verdict for the case is signed by both parties with the markings found on Punbundu eggs.

About the Punbundu Creature

Punbundu are very peaceful and friendly creatures; they do not seek to harm any other creature. When abused, they do not fight back. Punbundu are very resourceful, however, and build complex shelters out of bamboo found in the jungles. If you ever spot a Punbundu in the jungle, don't be afraid by their rather large and strong appearance; they are as gentle as a mother is with her child.