Hellbroth the Akrep

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Hellbroth: A brew used in black magic.

About Akrep Eggs

Akrep eggs, more commonly called blooms, produce the compound urushiol. This compound, also found in poison ivy, causes itching and painful rashes in those who come in contact with it. So handle your Akrep blooms carefully or else have a large supply of anti-itch cream handy.

About the Akrep Creature

Akreps hatch amidst a pile of leaves and petals left behind by their blooms. Newly hatched Akreps will consume the petals in order to gain the nutrients. This is the only time that Akreps will consume any plant matter, the rest of their lives they will eat various other insects.

The blooms on Akrep tails secrete a potent toxin similar to the compound produced by their blooms that is capable of incapacitating small animals. This toxin is used as a defense mechanism to keep predators at bay. This can pose a small problem for Akrep owners as the toxin can sometimes cause a severe allergic reaction in humans.