Dupsu the Nubbe

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18 Jan 2021
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About Nubbe Eggs

Nubbe eggs can be found at the top of mountain peaks. They are responsible for keeping them hidden and shrouded in clouds. When the egg is taken, the mountain's peak will be revealed for a time until another Nubbe egg apears.

About the Nubbe Creature

Nubbes are friendly cloud creatures that hang out on the top of mountains. Their eyes change colors based on the types of gemstones found in the mountain below them.

When they get bored of one mountain, they often float over to another or trade places with another Nubbe. (Nubbes try not to encroach on each other's airspace.) They like to listen to the Arkians beneath them and are happy to send snow when snow is requested and send rain when rain is requested, assuming it is the right season for it.

Nubbes occasionally unleash torrential downpours if something upsets them. Typically, requesting sunshine will make a Nubbe feel very unwanted and sad.