Carloss the Irel

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About Irel Eggs

Irel (pronounced eeh-rehl) eggs can be commonly found throughout the forests of Ark in the winter. The brown hue of the egg closely matches that of acorns, and it is likely because of this that adult Irel choose to hide their offspring inside hollow trees before the eggs hatch. The bushy tail protruding from the egg is often an indicator of how healthy the Irel is. The fluffier and large tails tend to correspond to more lively and active offspring compared to thin, unkempt tails.

About the Irel Creature

Although the population of wild Irel is high, these creatures are considered by many to be beneficial rather than a common pest. Irel have an overwhelming instinct to be clean and will spend a majority of the day grooming themselves to perfection. Additionally, Irel are natural gardeners and find great pleasure in pulling weeds and otherwise making sure gardens, yards, and forests are well cared for. Many wealthy Arkians have attempted to domesticate Irel in the hope that they will stay and care for their grounds, but these efforts have proven to be fruitless. Irel will often move in packs tending to the grounds and will migrate to new areas that are in need of help. Despite this symbiotic relationships between Irel and Arkians, seldom Irel actually interact with humans and tend to keep mostly to themselves.