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7 Sep 2021
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About Cloudosaurus Eggs

Cloudosaurus eggs can be found floating high up within cumulonimbus clouds. You need to have some sort of aircraft to harvest and catch them in the sky!

About the Cloudosaurus Creature

Considering that these eggs are found in the sky, it is a curious thing that Cloudosauruses are exclusively ground creatures. Among the largest and heaviest, Cloudosauruses give us a genetic window into prehistoric and ancient Ark prior to the rise of the modern world.

Cloudosauruses attract moisture, which is how small clouds form around their limbs. This makes the Cloudosaurus a welcome sight while wondering the desert of the Northern Plains—if you can't find an oasis or a drink of water, a Cloudosaurus might be your next best bet.

Cloudosauruses tower over trees and low-lying desert bushes at 7.65 meters.