_Desserts_ the Palavas

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27 Feb 2022
6 Sep 2022
22 Oct 2022
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I feel so...


I've visited the others, but all of their parents said no.

That's nonsense!

WE are the ones saving the Cave!

WE are the ones with superpowers!

WE should choose our own destiny!

I've collected all of them.

It is time to leave.

About Palavas Eggs

You find yourself very attracted to this egg, as if it might taste good.

About the Palavas Creature

Palavas produce endless, delicious strawberry goodness that is both high in sugar and very addictive. Some say that it's not worth tasting a Palavas because you won't be able to get the taste—and how good it is—out of your mind. Many report that after eating Palavas, nothing else tastes in life quite as good. Some say Palavas is a "tastebud ruiner" for this reason.

Palavas are very easygoing and agreeable creatures but they also tend to want you to taste them. They tend to tempt by nature and enjoy watching others struggle against this temptation. This is something to be aware of if you're ever a Palavas owner.