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About Ermero Eggs

As you get closer to this egg, you notice the strong scent of both rosemary and clover. It's so overpowering that you can't really imagine bringing this creature inside of your home.

About the Ermero Creature

Ermeros grow in the bogs of the Wetlands and, in essence, are a limitless supply of rosemary. It grows incredibly quickly, like a weed. The smell of rosemary is so strong, though, that most people can't stand them in their homes or even their small yards (it'll blow inside through the windows). Because of this, most people like to take a trip out to the Wetlands, stock up on rosemary, and then leave.

If you find a four-leaf clover growing on an Ermero, it means that you're very lucky. Typically, people always consume rosemary that comes from a four-leaf clover Ermero for good luck. Never pass it up!