Moskito the Mechamotte

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About Mechamotte Eggs

The characteristic golden sheen of Mechamotte eggs is always accompanied by an occasional pulse of cerulean light that makes one feel renewed and refreshed. Paradoxically, tapping on the surface of the immaculate egg produces a metallic, hollow sound as though there is nothing inside; however, trying to pick up the egg proves to be a Herculean task given its immense weight and sturdy structure.

The hardness of the Mechamotte egg's outer shell is said to exceed that of diamonds, meaning it is nigh impossible to harm this egg in any way. In an attempted feat of biomimicry, a recent joint study between the Science and Research Center in Ark City and the Faela Institute of Technology aims to engineer building materials based on the Mechamotte's robust egg shell.

Ultimately, analyses of the impervious golden metal coating the Mechamotte egg indicate that the material cannot be traced to any known mineral or substance currently found on the planet. This revelation has led certain groups to theorize that Mechamottes originate from a distant alien world, while others outlandishly claim that they actually come from the future.

About the Mechamotte Creature

Although they are most commonly found in Faela City, Mechamottes are still a rare and beautiful sight to behold, attracting thousands of tourists to the city every year. These creatures continually emit pulses of cerulean light that apparently enable them to continuously operate 24/7 without needing to eat, drink, or sleep.

Interestingly enough, Mechamottes also do not grow in size as they develop into adults. Rather, their impregnable armor plates intricately rearrange themselves depending on the creature's current life stage. Moreover, these creatures have never been seen breeding in any artificial nor natural setting. Instead of producing offspring, older Mechamottes simply "reset" by reorganizing themselves into their egg form to begin life anew. This strange mode of reproduction facilitates the Mechamotte's immortality and lends to the species' overall novelty in the scientific world.

To add to their peculiar biology, it has also been observed that no matter how far these creatures travel, their bodies always remain in pristine condition. In fact, their bodies are so spotless that the surface of their exoskeleton is almost mirror-like and perfectly reflects its surroundings. Researchers hypothesize that the cerulean light constantly emitted by the Mechamottes somehow renews and repairs their bodies while also providing an endless source of energy for their survival. Multiple technological luminaries have attempted to harness this light for their own purposes, but these efforts always end in failure. Attempting to harvest the light from the Mechamottes causes them to immediately revert back to their egg stage, seemingly as an innate defense mechanism.

Given this species' tireless nature befitting the bustling atmosphere of Faela City, praising someone's work ethic by comparing them to a Mechamotte is seen as a compliment of the highest regard. In most Faela City institutions, receiving the Mechamotte Leading Light award is a testament to an individual's ceaseless drive and peerless dedication to their scientific endeavors.