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10 May 2023
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About Valliz Eggs

Valliz eggs can only be laid and survive in the coldest parts of Ark, near The Circle in the south.

About the Valliz Creature

Unable to survive in environments that ever go above freezing, the Valliz live exclusively in The Circle on the south side of the planet. Arkians themselves rarely see these creatures, as the island is too farth north for the Valliz to survive.

Valliz are incredibly sociable animals that live in large herds on the ice floes that can contain up to thousands of individuals. When they retreat into the water to feed, these enormous herds break up into smaller bands numbering as few as ten individuals so there is less competition for food.

Most male Valliz are twice the size of female Valliz and have much longer tusks. Valliz have an extremely diverse set of mating calls and sounds that they utter; it's as if no two sounds are ever exactly the same (all are original).