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About Onabi Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for August 2014.

Once believed to be creature of myth, Onabi have remained elusive due to their ability to camouflage into their surrounding environment. Flowers seen sprouting from the horns of mature adults mimic those of a common species of tree present in many areas of the Ark. While docile, these creatures can act aggressively if approached. Although it does not harm the creature, it is advised all citizens of Ark restrain from harvesting its flowers.

About the Onabi Creature

Young Onabi, without full protection of flora, are often found clinging to adults to maximize their defense and gain shelter from the elements. Onabi are relatively small, weighing in around 35 kilograms without their horns.

The branch-like structures composing their horns are still under scientific investigation. While their flowers act plant-like, cell structure suggests a more animalistic origin. Although the Onabi can often be seen grazing around the Ark, studies show their flowers may actually supply nutrients to the animal.

Rarely seen during the winter months, it is believed Onabis hibernate using a root-like structure that emerges from their undercarriage. While firmly planted in the ground they remain stoic and indistinguishable from the trees surrounding them.