-Ashes the Distorticai

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26 Aug 2022
21 Oct 2022
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About Distorticai Eggs

Originally mistaken for sickly Storticai when discovered near the Mysterious Asteroid’s crash site, collaborative studies on these eggs via the research institutions of Ark City and Faela City quickly debunked this speculation.

About the Distorticai Creature

Distorticai are enigmatic creatures with a genetic profile that is nearly identical to that of Storticai. Alterations to this code from an unknown, or undisclosed, source has birthed a meek species whose lackluster physical prowess is compensated by immense psychic ability.

Origin of the Distorticai

The low, droning hum of assorted laboratory equipment buzzed throughout the cramped workspace. Slumped forward at a paper-cluttered desk was an exhausted figure whose weary eyes rested on an arrangement of glass chambers lined against the far side of the room. Suspended within the bubbling viridescent liquid of each chamber were alienlike humanoids in various stages of development that ranged from embryonic to adulthood.

It could not have been predicted in earnest that the Mysterious Asteroid’s fateful arrival to Ark many years ago would be the catalyst for ushering in an era of technological revolution. The visiting Ajani Storticai, after claiming responsibility for the wayward meteorite, exchanged groundbreaking discoveries with Arkians to resounding scientific progress. It stands to reason that these advancements would soon lead to an ethical fork in the road.

A breached upstairs entrance, booming voices, and a rush of heavy footsteps that rattled the overhead lighting would cease this underground operation effective immediately.