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18 Sep 2022
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About Flub Eggs

Flub eggs have sharp spikes running down one side but are otherwise smooth and cool to the the touch. Because these eggs are genetically engineered to be unbreakable to outside influences, even Flubs themselves sometimes have difficulty hatching. Several instances of delayed hatching have been recorded.

About the Flub Creature

Flubs are extremely territorial; in fact, they were developed by the Science and Research Center to serve as both companions and bodyguards to high-level Ark officials. Their thick hide and abrasive personality makes them the perfect species to confront unknown threats. Despite their intimidating appearance, many Flubs are actually quite docile to those that they reside with and know well. Nevertheless, a Flub can instantly transform from a playful beast to an aggressive monster, so tread lightly around these creatures. The best known way to pacify one is to feed it fresh vegetables or grass.