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28 Sep 2022
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About Hyacine Eggs

The Hyacine egg is a less an egg and more of a bulb that will bloom with proper love and care. Even as an egg, you can smell faint whiffs of the beautiful blossoms inside. Those blooms will grow into the sweetest, most adored scent known to Ark if they receive true and nurturing love from their caregivers.

Hyacine bulbs, about the size of a ping pong ball, used to be worn as necklaces for good luck but that practice has since been deemed cruel and barbaric. Arkians now wear artificial Hyacine bulbs as a sign of environmental awareness and the vender who makes these necklaces donates the proceeds to the Hyacine Conservation Organization (HCO).

About the Hyacine Creature

The Hyacine is a docile creature, gentle and playful. Its flowers have an intoxicatingly sweet smell from the true, selfless love they received as bulbs that allowed them to grow! However, these blossoms cannot be removed from the creature without harming it.

When the Hyacine reaches adulthood, its flowers drop bulbs or eggs that can grow into a new, young Hyacine when given love and attention. Because so few bulbs are lovingly planted and watered, Hyacines only drop a dozen bulbs throughout their lives. When the Hyacine reaches old age, its flowers begin to wilt signifying a life well-lived. As the final petal falls, the creature peacefully and contentedly passes.

Arkians often use the life cycle of Hyacines as a beautiful representation of the cycle of life.