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About Tatrsus Eggs

At first glance it would appear that Tatrsus eggs should have a soft, mushy texture. However they are much harder than they seem. Tatrsus eggs run much warmer than standard room temperature. This and their sturdy shell can make them an impromptu heat source in colder weather.

About the Tatrsus Creature

Tatrsuses are large, gentle giants with largely relaxed and peaceful natures. Where a Tatrsus egg is hard and sturdy a Tatrsus's fur is exceptionally soft and downy. Many smaller creatures will den with a Tatrsus to take advantage of this warm fluffy coat and the protection that a larger creature provides.

As a Tatrsus grows and as winter nears, the skin along its back begins to produce a viscous substance. This substance is calorie dense and highly nutritious. Tatrsuses don't quite enter full hibernation in the winter but will wake periodically throughout the season. During these periods of wakefulness the Tatrsus will use the substance on their backs as a food source before resuming their winter sleep.