Grabou the Gra

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24 Dec 2022
30 Mar 2023
12 Oct 2023
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About Gra Eggs

It is as if there is a potion brewing inside of this egg!

About the Gra Creature

The Gra, masters of love, each brew their own unique love potion. An individual Gra's potion may work on somebody but may have no effect on another. This makes obtaining and using a Gra potion finicky business. Will it actually work on this person I like?

While many have successfully found partners using Gra potions, many also resent the Gra and criticize their potions as a dishonest scheme. Why is it really that some potions work and others don't? Where is the scientific explanation? The Gra have refused to submit samples to the Science and Research Center in Ark City for analysis and that has only made their potions more suspect.