__Shu__ the Ringtail

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30 Dec 2022
19 Aug 2023
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About Ringtail Eggs

The fur on top of the egg allows the Ringtail to regulate its temperature during incubation. Ringtail eggs require an environment below -20°C to hatch. If it becomes any warmer than this, Ringtail eggs die.

About the Ringtail Creature

Despite their friendly and approachable appearance, Ringtails are rather aggressive and territorial. Should you cross a boundary with a Ringtail, groups of them will start congregating and howling at whoever the offender might be. If an offender doesn't back down, Ringtails will attack together. In general it's best to stay away from them in the wild. Domesticated Ringtails are much more tame but are still a handful by most creature owners' standards.

Ringtails grow one more golden tail ring per evolution stage. The first golden ring is the same between the egg and child evolution stages.

A Ringtail's tail rings can sense vibrations in the ground, allowing the creature to detect predators and changes in the environment before they could become threats. Because of this Ringtails are quite evasive (unless challenged) in the wild.