Irridiscencia the Martes

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About Martes Eggs

This egg is so brown that it could be mistaken for dirt or even dark clay.

About the Martes Creature

The Martes' fur is usually light to dark brown. It is short and coarse in the summer, growing longer and silkier during the winter. It has a cream- to yellow-colored "bib" marking on its throat.

Martens are the only mustelids with semiretractable claws. This enables them to lead more arboreal lifestyles, such as climbing or running on tree branches, although they are also relatively quick runners on the ground. They are mainly active at night and dusk. They have small, rounded, highly sensitive ears and sharp teeth adapted for eating small mammals, birds, insects, frogs, and carrion. They have also been known to eat berries, birds' eggs, nuts, and honey. The diet of the Martes includes small mammals, carrion, birds, insects, and fruits.

Based on the pine martin from Europe.