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29 Apr 2023
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About Nymaby Eggs

This egg glistens in a small pool of water, with moss covering a large portion of the egg, making it nearly completely invisible to those who aren't looking close enough.

But, oh, what a beautifully pink flower it has upon its lily pad!

About the Nymaby Creature

Nymabies are shy tadpoles that, once hatched, often curl their moss-covered body underneath its lily pad like appendage on its head. They are fearful creatures and prefer to stay hidden throughout the day. However, these teeny tiny tadpoles sometimes struggle to find food because their lily pads cover their eyes and scare the poor things.

With the astounding metamorphosis the Nymaby species must go through, every Arkian looks forward to the rainy months where the Nymabies get their hind legs. It is truly a sight to see—clumsy, adolescent Nymabies tripping over their overgrown hind feet, awkwardly trying to stand. Arkians are discouraged to help them since these pond-dwelling creatures are extremely poisonous to the touch. Nymabies never grow out of this uncoordinated rather silly demeanor, resulting in their introverted and timid nature that persists into adulthood.

In addition to Nymabies gaining their hind legs, they also lose some of the moss from their tails as it retracts and forms around their gills and heads instead. This allows Nymabies to submerge the greater majority of their body with their lily pad structure. Remarkably, Nymabies never lose their gills, making them able to hop on land or stay underwater. Their tails are quite powerful since they act as powerful motors to help them escape any unwanted attention. When receiving any attention at all, Nymabies will croak in a high pitch manner and use their lily pads to cover their faces.

One researcher was able to befriend a Nymaby and found that the pink on their cheeks is not a marking but merely the bashful creature showing signs of embarrassment. In an interview the researcher said, "Nymabies blush the same shade of pink as its decorative flower!"