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About Tropoki Eggs

Tropoki eggs are placed inside coconut halves by their parents. The most common explanation to why Tropoki do this is because it provides a hard base for the otherwise soft egg so they can easily place them securely in trees. The parents of the Tropoki egg use tropical flowers and leaves to help camouflage the egg in the surrounding vegetation. If a Tropoki's coconut shell is broken, the parent can easily find another; but until a new coconut is found, the egg will stay with the mother at all times.

About the Tropoki Creature

Tropoki are beautiful creatures that adorn their fur with tropical flowers and leaves. The Tropokis' closest realatives are their desert cousin species, the Shawloot. Tropoki keep their original coconut half their whole lives. They use the shell for gathering water, food and other materials. Tropoki typically have two offspring at a time, as stay with them until they have finished most of their adolescent life, much like humans. The Science and Research Center in Ark City has predicted that the Tropoki species has adapted to having a higher rate of having two offspring due to coconut halves used by the species to hold their eggs.

Tropoki's diet consists of only fruit, their favorites being mangoes. Popular tourist areas in the tropics of Ark sell mangoes to tourists to give to Tropoki. However, this poses a problem for locals, as Tropoki will hang out in the area and demand food. Some people have even reported Tropoki taking belongings until food is given. For this reason, the Town Hall is in the process of placing a law against feeding wild Tropoki.