Paaby the Pabassa

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28 Aug 2023
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About Pabassa Eggs

A monster fish, this egg can harm predators without having to disturb its slumber. Its scales are covered in a slime that is poisonous. And while its dorsal fin may look wavy and smooth like kelp, it actually hides a spine that will inject a paralyzing venom into any creature that touches it. It keeps this needle throughout its entire life. The small eyes, however, do not yet see anything. In the hatchling stage, this fish grows false eyes to keep from becoming blind as an adult. It can slowly grow these false eyes back, so long as they have not hatched.

About the Pabassa Creature

Once hatched, Pabassa eyes no longer grow back, and more eyes have grown in. This dangerous creature also has a new sensor on its forehead. This heart-shaped "nose" glows and helps the fish to not only navigate the darker, deep waters, but it is also an attractant for bait fish to be lured into its captivating mouth. Some of these fish even spear several bait fish on their spikey teeth to show their future mate how skilled they are at catching food. Having two flowing, venom-spiked tails, help it to stay alive during this creature's mid-life.

Near the end of their life-cycle Pabassas drop both spikes but keep the suave dorsal fin to show how long they have been alive.