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About the Lumestelcis Creature

A Star's Heart

A soft light, illuminates the sky,
the snow dazzles beneath its glow,
and although cold outside its warmth does not subside.
A symbol of hope, peace, and love appears with this glow,
its radiance touching the hearts of those it has chosen,
Resting upon the snow-covered roof,
Lifting up its star it was born with,
Made from.

The light from the star glows brightly for a moment,
washing everything else in a warm light,
burning bright by the spirits of the residents below,
cheerfully spending their holidays together.

The light seeps into the hearts of those it has befallen,
raising their spirits,
warming their hearts,
bringing smiles to their faces,
letting its light bring joy,
even as it fades from its grasp,
the star's energy uplifting all below,
who desperately needed it.

The Starfallen one,
the Star's Whisper,
the Sky's Heart,
beats its wings,
after the star has all but faded into their hearts,
and drifts up towards the sky,
like a delicate snowflake,
and reaches the stars.

The stars welcome its child with open arms,
embracing it in a warm hug,
softly taking it back in,
all to be reborn again,
and again,
all to see the smiles of those
who embrace the light of its heart.