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20 Dec 2023
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About Soltore Eggs

The pattern on this egg resembles that of the sun. When placed in direct sunlight for an extended period of time, the pattern becomes highly incandescent and the egg noticeably increases in temperature.

Lastly, it seems to do well in hot temperatures and doesn't tolerate water.

About the Soltore Creature

Soltores are passive, calm turtles that live comfortably within the deserts of the Northern Plains. A majority of their day is spent basking in the sunlight, metabolizing calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals within their body. As nightfall approaches and the desert temperature begins to sharply decline, Soltores retreat back into their burrows until morning.

A yearly migration leads hundreds of Soltores towards the Egg Cave, where they will lay their eggs in anticipation for the next generation. Once hatched, the newborns must make a perilous journey back to the Northern Plains to begin the cycle once more.