LAColors the Reminsect

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9 Jan 2024
25 Jan 2024
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The first pet I got when I joined the site. In its egg form, I thought it was going to be some fleshy meat monster that grew! Glad to see that it grew up to be a nice buggy friend.

About Reminsect Eggs

In keeping with ancient tradition, Reminsect eggs are commonly gifted to friends and newcomers to local communities, serving as a reminder of the kindness, generosity, and community that has kept Arkians together throughout their history.

About the Reminsect Creature

Despite their relatively recent rediscovery, Reminsects are symbols of the past. These ancient creatures have remained elusive for the past several centuries thanks to spending much of their time airborne. Before their existence was forgotten, Reminsect eggs were once believed to bring good luck, and ancient Arkians bestowed them as gifts during festivals. As this superstition faded, keeping Reminsects in captivity fell out of practice. The creature’s existence was never officially recorded until recently, after old documents alluding to this tradition were unearthed and sparked a new search for Reminsects. This also reignited the once-forgotten practice out of nostalgia for both Ark’s past and each Arkian’s humble beginnings.

Interestingly, these beetles retain the memories of their ancestors, meaning that even young Reminsects possess ancient knowledge of early Ark. This makes them a valuable asset for archaeologists hoping to uncover more about the island’s past, but studies are difficult because there is no direct means of communication. Archaeologists therefore study Reminsect behavior and songs—created with the faint humming of their wings—to make historical inferences, although they may never learn the full truth.