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About Scinurum Eggs

Scinurum eggs cast a soft, glittering light. Oddly no Fairy World denizen will use a Scinurum egg to light up an indoor space. Scinurum eggs can be found lighting forest paths or other outdoor areas but are never found inside a building.

About the Scinurum Creature

When most Arkians think of fairies they think of the Scinurum. Scinurums are helpful and good natured and encountering one isn't likely to end with you being spirited away to Fairy World and never seen again. Some Scinurums will even seek out other beings to lend them aid. Of all the types of fairies in Fairy World it is the Scinurums who are the kindest. There are a few ancient tales about those who saw that kindness and generosity and tried to cheat a Scinurum. These tales are always warnings. Those who try to cheat or go back on a promise to a Scinurum learn that even the softest light can turn harsh and burn as surely as the hottest fire.