-Everwood- the Whenuahe

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28 Jan 2024
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About Whenuahe Eggs

The Whenuahe egg contains so much plant matter that it is hard to distinguish one from the surrounding foliage. Picking an egg up is not recommended as the Whenuahe egg absorbs the foliage to hatch. It is incredibly difficult to incubate these eggs elsewhere because of this.

About the Whenuahe Creature

Whenuahe are the most perceptive of Fairy World fairies. When there are any negative changes to their environment, the Whenuahe will try to change it back, whether by removing litter or removing any new pest species. The Whenuahe create fantastic nests with intricate designs to show off to other Whenuahe. Many artists will track down these nests and replicate them in paintings that can be seen in the Ark City Art Gallery.