Dyihina the Hyinda

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29 Jan 2024
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About Hyinda Eggs

Hyinda eggs shimmer in sunlight. Their colors slowly shift through complementary gradients, no two are exactly alike.

About the Hyinda Creature

Hyindas are the artisans of fairykind. Everything from jewelers to tailors, if it involves crafting and the use of colors Hyindas are involved. A Hyinda's magic is heavily rooted in light and color. Hyindas work their magic into whatever they make, creating objects of both beauty and enchantment. Nearly all of the powerful magical artifacts on Ark had a Hyinda involved in their creation.

"May a Hyinda guide your hand." is a popular blessing among the craftspeople of Ark, particularly those who work in the fiber arts.

In the noble courts of Fairy World Hyindas are held in high regard as the ability to create both beautiful and powerful things is considered to be a form of perfection that many nobles strive for. The current queen of the Summer Court is a Hyinda.