Bunnievunny the Bunvun

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22 Feb 2024
10 Jun 2024
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About Bunvun Eggs

The Bunvun almost looks like a hatched creature without a face... but it's indeed an unhatched egg! Grab it carefully for safekeeping and keep it warm until it hatches.

About the Bunvun Creature

Adorned with fragrant flowers, the Bunvun is all about spreading genuine love in the month of February. A lover of treats, Bunvuns will only hatch if they get the necessary amount of feeds. So, it might be time to stop by the store and pick up treats for your friendly creature...

Bunvuns initially cannot fly. They can fly only at later evolution stages and even once they take flight, they cannot fly very high or for very long distances. Some Bunvuns, if plump, cannot actually achieve liftoff at all.