Honkistador the Cupig

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24 Feb 2024
24 Mar 2024
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About Cupig Eggs

The Cupig egg can be found off the coast of Ark Bay nestled upon a mysterious pink morning fog that appears when the sunrise glows at its most glorious colors. When held, this egg radiates such a warmth that it will fill you with deep love and affection.

About the Cupig Creature

The Cupig has quite the playful and charming personality. Outgoing and sociable, they never miss a beat and love to bring others closer together. The Cupig will notice everything that you love, even the smallest details, which will make you love them all the more. If you are ever feeling alone or sad, hug a Cupig and its magical and caring embrace will fill you with so much warmth and remind you of everything and everyone you love.

The Science and Research Center is still studying this egg and creature's strange effect that it has on others, calling it the "Love Phenomenon." Having a Cupig in your Cove may help your other creatures grow closer and more fond of one another.