Chochocheche the Batwom

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29 Feb 2024
26 Apr 2024
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About Batwom Eggs

Batwom eggs give off a chocolatey aroma that smells different to each person. It has been found that the eggs are capable of producing a scent that caters perfectly to their owner's tastes. But no matter how good it smells, it wouldn't be wise to eat the egg! Batwom eggs are notoriously known to taste foul—a helpful defense mechanism against hungry predators.

About the Batwom Creature

The Batwoms are ursine creatures around the size of a bear cub. Their fur is thick and velvety and they commonly have rotund physiques. Batwoms are well-known for their sweet tooth as well as their voracious appetite.

If you own a Batwom, it's best to keep a watchful eye on it if you have sweets lying around, especially during Valentine's Day! They're notorious for getting into their owner's chocolate stashes and eating it all before falling asleep once their belly is full.