BeiotteBlan the Chocopan

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29 Feb 2024
5 Jun 2024
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About Chocopan Eggs

This egg smells sweet! The white part is soft like fur but the darker ears and heart are sticky to the touch...

About the Chocopan Creature

The Chocopan's body is made of two part: the white parts of its body are soft and furry and the darker parts are smooth and sticky like chocolate. As it grows, it begins to melt chocolate from its body more and more often, with the white parts becoming chocolate-like once it reaches adult stage. Chocopans are known to be very cuddly and affectionate creatures and are often seen comforting single people on Valentine's Day or offering gifts to loved ones!

However, Chocopans seem to want cuddles despite the fact that parts of their bodies are sticky and melt onto their owners. There's an expression in Ark called "To love one like a Chocopan" which means to love someone despite their flaws and the gross parts.

If you see someone walking around covered in chocolate, there's a high chance they just finished a cuddle session with a Chocopan.