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About Texu Eggs

Texu eggs are often overlooked as they have the unique ability to bend light. This makes them almost invisible to the naked eye. In the icy lairs of their native habitat this is quite an effective defense. This "light bending" has been linked to the peculiar ice crystals which grow from the embryo and penetrate the shell of the egg. If you listen closely to the crystals, they create a faint humming tune which modulates depending on the mood of the creature within.

Texus do not guard or watch over their eggs. They are laid in an isolated spot and left to live or die in the elements. The egg itself is peculiarly light for its size, although the shell itself is quite dense. If a predator does stumble upon an egg, he must be either very determined or very hungry to penetrate this mighty shell.

While the egg is beautiful to look at, once your eyes have become accustomed to the strange "light bending" you shouldn't stare at one for too long as they have been known to blind people. In some rarer cases, staring has even resulted in a form of hallucinogenic mania.

About the Texu Creature

Once hatched, this remarkable animal still has a limited ability to bend light and create simple visual illusions. It is much stronger if the creatures work together, especially as a family group. The ice crystals on their hindquarters will grow with the creature at various rates depending on where in the family group they are placed.

The Alpha pair who has the largest and strongest crystals are able to communicate using the crystals across whole continents! They can also be used to store and share body heat, thus in the most bitter winter months the creatures will not freeze even when caught out in a blizzard.

Texus are a robust and fiercely protective species and if you are fortunate enough to befriend one of these elusive creatures, it will be a bond that last beyond your lifespan through to your children and theirs. They will accept you and yours as an accessory to their own complex family group.

Like many creatures, in order to maintain their genetic diversity, some of the younger males and females will move away to join other family groups. This is often a long, lonely and arduous task. These younger Texus have often been seen communing with their cousins, the mighty Arnmnae, as they journey across the melting ice in warmer months.