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About Lepragon Eggs

You come across a small pot sitting underneath a tree. Looking closer, you notice a spotted egg topped with clovers. In the light, the egg glitters in all sorts of colors. Surely no one will mind if you claim this as your own, right?

Lepragon eggs are only laid during the month of March and are left scattered around Ark throughout the month. If one is lucky enough to find one on their travels, it will easy for them to spot the egg's shiny, smooth surface from a mile away. The clovers that cover them and the pot they're always found in help to keep the egg warm during its incubation period. One must never remove the egg from its pot, or else it will never hatch.

It is rather common to see these shining eggs sitting amongst the large hoards of Dragolds.

About the Lepragon Creature

The shimmering, frilly bodies of Lepragons are a captivating sight indeed. When sunlight reflects off their scales, a Lepragon's normally white body will gleam in all seven colors of the rainbow. While usually elusive and a very rare sight, families of Lepragons fill the sky during St. Patrick's Day, coating Ark's sunny skies with all sorts of vibrant colors.

Lepragons carry the metal pot their eggs were contained in almost everywhere. Similarly to their distant cousins, the Dragold, Lepragons collect and hoard any riches they find during their daily journeys and store them in this pot. Anything at all that shines is worthy of being hoarded in their eyes, no matter how valuable or inexpensive it really is. These dragons greatly value their collections of riches, and will fight tooth and nail to defend it from anyone brave enough to attempt to steal anything from their precious pots. Beware, underneath that cute and friendly exterior is a powerful fighter.

However, this defensiveness over their hoards seems to almost entirely disappear during St. Patrick's Day. On this day, a small group of Lepragons will leave their treasure-filled pots hidden around the land of Ark, waiting for a very fortunate someone to find it and claim some treasure as their own. Moreover, there is a catch to the sly Lepragon's sudden generosity—those who take more than one piece of treasure from its hoard will be cursed with a lengthy period of constant bad luck for the rest of the spring season. On the flip side, those lucky few who show considerable self-control and only claim a single piece for themselves will instead be blessed with good luck. When the clock strikes midnight, the metal pots magically disappear from their hiding spots in a puff of smoke, presumably transported back to the paws of its rightful owner.