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About Lavendog Eggs

Spring has finally come and now you begin to smell a really pleasant scent around the gardens, like a sweet combination of lavenders, petrichor, and fresh milk... oh wait, what's this? An egg?

Lavendog eggs are well known for smelling really pleasant around the very beginning of spring, so if you began to smell something pleasant before the flowers even bloomed, expect it to be a Lavendog egg. However, the egg will become scentless in the other seasons, which makes even a slight whiff of the egg's scent a very rare and valuable thing for some people.

Lavendogs are also known for usually putting their eggs in the middle of gardens, so each time you come to your garden during early spring, look for a pleasant surprise!

About the Lavendog Creature

You're frolicking around in your well-tended garden when you suddenly catch sight of a whimsical little creature with a nice scent.... well, that's a Lavendog.

Like their eggs, Lavendogs also have a really pleasant scent reminiscent of lavenders, petrichor, and fresh milk but this time, it's permanent! If you pick a fallen petal from a Lavendog's body, it retains the scent from the body, which is why people keep it as either potpourri or an ingredient for perfumes. Their body scent is also very useful to calm down other creatures, so that's why they're often the popular choice for aromatherapy.

They usually only appear in Ark during spring, but may visit a well-tended garden even outside of spring. Both that and their calm and whimsical demeanor makes them be revered to as either demigods or nature spirits by some villages.