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About Strawabbit Eggs

These eggs look entirely identical to strawberries, except they seem to be in an upside down position, and have small ear-shaped protusions. They are almost impossible to spot amongst the field of strawberries.

About the Strawabbit Creature

Strawabbits live strictly in strawberry patches, and have done so for countless generations.

Originally, they were not unlike any other, normal rabbit. However, as Strawabbits evolved over time, they began to look more and more like strawberries themselves, allowing them to blend in and camoflouge perfectly with their surroundings. Thanks to this, they can go about their days almost entirely undisturbed, sleeping and eating their favorite fruit to their heart's content and simply hiding in the leaves as if they are real strawberries to avoid the eye of any Arkian or creature that may come along.

Strawabbits are such picky eaters, that they would sooner let themselves starve than to eat anything else other than strawberries. And the strawberries must be fresh, at that. There is only ONE other food that Strawabbits will eat besides fresh strawberries... and that is CAKE! Preferably of the strawberry variety, but they also love chocolate and vanilla.

If you are ever having a picnic or a party, and you suddenly find the cake missing... chances are, you can look around and find the tail-end of a Strawabbit as it's hopping off, covered in evidence of the stolen dessert.