Rerous the Reostus

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22 Apr 2024
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About Reostus Eggs

Regarded as Mother Nature's answer to pollution, Reostus eggs start out as solely aquatic. They're found floating around and collecting trash as they go or sitting on the ocean floor near waste piles, while the earthy encasing and gelatinous blue bodies camoflouge them seamlessly amongst their surroundings.

About the Reostus Creature

As the Reostus grows, it continues to collect trash (its only required form of sustenance) from the ocean until it eventually evolves to move onto land. Once on land, they adapt quickly and grow much heavier the more they eat, eventually losing the ability to swim altogether. Thankfully, there will always be the eggs and newborns that help clear the oceans alongside the efforts of benevolent Arkians!

Reostuses will migrate from one dump to the next, possessing an almost supernatural sense of where pollution exists at any given time, as if its communicating with the planet itself. Able to consume large amounts of waste in just one sitting, their intensely acidic and gelatinous bodies can miraculously break down even the most stubborn inorganic materials. While it can take 20 to 500 years for our beautiful planet to decompose plastic, for example, these creatures can bafflingly dissolve it within their stomachs in mere days or weeks.

Once fully digested, a Reostus's body is somehow able to repurpose and rearrange the chemical makeup of the waste it has consumed into a viable compost for the soil-like structure on their backs. The sparse plants that grow from it die quickly but they provide an extra bit of oxygen back into the barren environment, helping encourage the planet's recovery process of new foliage. The Reostus will then migrate to the next area of need on the planet, and can repeat the beautiful cycle all over again.

It's said that Reostuses are very intelligent and discerning, so much so that they can sense those who contribute to pollution and those who take action to clean it. They can be extremely aggressive and spiteful towards the former, but if you are one of the Arkians who help the planet, they will instantly bond with you and exhibit great love and loyalty.