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26 May 2024
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About Kesko Eggs

Kesko eggs are only found in streams and rivers with the purest water flowing in them. There is an old belief that says that Kesko eggs actually purify the water they are in. Surprisingly, tests have show that there is a small amount of truth to this belief, Kesko eggs do have some purification properties but not to the extent that old tales say.

About the Kesko Creature

Almost every aquarium and fish pond in Ark has Keskos in it. Their golden scales and delicate fins make them a favorite of fish lovers everywhere. For the most dedicated of owners the Kesko holds a surprise. With enough attention, food, and the right living conditions the Kesko will undergo a transformation. The little golden fish is replaced by a much longer, sleeker and silver fish. Many Kesko will leap out of the water in joy at this transformation. This behavior inspired a myth that if a Kesko leaps high enough it will be granted its wish to become a dragon.

The Tale of the Kesko

Once there was a little Kesko who gazed out of the water at the clouds. Everyday he would gaze upward and dream of swimming, not in the water, but in the clouds. He dreamed of lazily swimming through the puffy white clouds and of leaping amongst the lightning of storm clouds.

One day he whispered his wish aloud, hoping something would hear and grant his wish. A Clous was passing by and heard the wish. The Clous called out, "Jump! Jump, little Kesko! If you jump high enough, you may fly!"

And so the Kesko jumped with all his might. Up and up he went, higher than he had ever jumped before. As he jumped he felt his body change as the magic of his wish came to life. From that day on he swam through the clouds, not as a little fish but as a small dragon.