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31 Jul 2009
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I'm supposed to be a girl... Oh well, feed me anyway.

Oh, and I'm named after the singer of Nightwish.


About Crabbert Eggs

Crabbert eggs are incredibly hard and slick (like a piece of ice). They sort of have that "ocean smell." Crabbert eggs are very smooth to the touch as well. You should be careful when carrying your Crabbert egg because often times they'll slip right out of your hand! And nobody likes to clean up egg yolk...

About the Crabbert Creature

Crabbert lurk the beaches of Ark City. They are completely harmless, except when you aggravate one. There once was monstrous Crabbert (dubbed the "Giant Crabbert" - Ark residents are so original) that got so angry at a human... it cut the human in half, right through the belly button! As you could imagine, their pincers are very sharp.