Nayu the Valgrun

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81% Happy
14 Feb 2011
42,498 +2
5,325 +1
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Hatched: November 7th, 2011.

Preference (but unavailable/too expensive):
1. Warmth in the Cold
2. Giant Cobweb
3. Weapons Armory (red & black both match perfectly but don't make nayu stand out)
4. Theater Stage

1. A Million Fireflies (nice but fireflies are random)
2. Squares of Love (casual but slightly noisy)
3. Unconditional Love (good color but faded hearts don't look great)

burning oaks?

Backup (not in order)
The Red Well (color matches, well seems random though)
You're My Gift (too much of a bright red, bow distracts from wings)
Drops of Maple (color matches but a little loud)
Giant Chocolates (okay, but brown seems out of place)

About Valgrun Eggs

This egg is only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park.

About the Valgrun Creature

Valgrun are among the most kind and generous creatures in Ark. They are most frequently seen gliding through the skies at sunset and are known for their tremendous smile that brings life and joy to even the most depressed of places. It is said that keeping a Valgrun feather close by will prevent sadness.